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Welcome to the home page of
Bill's Datsun Shoppe, Etc.!

I have owned and operated Bill's Datsun Shoppe, Etc. in Clackamas, Oregon since 1977. I specialize in Datsun cars but work on all types of cars, trucks and boats.
Bill's Datsun Shoppe, Etc. has an extensive inventory of "hard to find" authentic Datsun parts and accessories.  Packing our shelves is almost every imaginable Datsun motor part and accessories you might need.  We also have used parts which fills approximately 5,000 square feet in our shop.
With 30 years of collecting, there aren't too many things I don't have on hand ... or can't find for you.
But that's not all you'll find in my Oregon automotive shop.  While I work on all types of cars, trucks and boats, high performance is my passion and the reason for the national recognition Bill's Datsun Shoppe, Etc. has acquired. 

If it's falls into the high performance genre, then I probably have experience with the vehicle ... and it doesn't matter whether it navigates the roadways or waterways of America. Owners of performance cars and performance boats including offshore powerboat racers are all a part of my client list. 

If you have any questions or need help with a special project, give me call at 503.656.0756 (PST).  That's the best way to CONTACT me! 

Naturally I have email but please be patient in waiting for a response!

Thanks for visiting my web page & come back soon!
There's always something NEW that I have to offer!

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